• Boiscuir

    Bracelets made up of a mosaic of noble materials. The fusion of techniques juxtaposes the unexpectedness of curves with the soundness of the angles. (Exotic woods – leather – sterling silver)

  • Creations Artango

    Inspired by aboriginal models and urban trends, these creations reflect all the beauty of traditional and contemporary designs of the far northern and southern reaches of the continent.

  • Eolbois

    Brooch that offers an assembly inspired by the fertilizing strength of the wind. The depth of each material is transformed into creative energy. (Walnut – amaranth – ebony –sterling silver – turquoise)

  • Viranno

    Rings are made out of solid wood using ancestral inlay techniques. The Spartan design seeks to reconnect with the living roots of the materials. (Viraro – ebony –sterling silver)

Joaillerie Contemporaine

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